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JSMS and Mountain Lion

On July 25, 2012, Apple released OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, its new operating system.

Among its changes from Lion and Snow Leopard, there is now an application called Gatekeeper designed to help ordinary folks keep bad software off their systems. Additionally, Apple decided with Lion to have java be an option. This means the java runtime which enables JSMS to run is removed when Lion and Mountain Lion are installed, but is offered as a download the first time a java application is opened for running.

A person who runs JSMS on a fresh install of Mountain Lion will see a series of dialog boxes and requests for administrator permission before JSMS runs the first time. We have captured a series of screen shots showing what happens. While this is tedious, it only has to happen the first time JSMS runs on Mountain Lion.

The first launch of JSMS will bring you this dialog.

This is generated when Gatekeeper is set to its default setting. While this seems absolute, it's a warning. Click OK.

Right Click (or Ctrl-Click) JSMS.jar, choose Open With, and select Jar Launcher.

You will see a different dialog, providing almost the same warning.

Click Open.

You will need to enter an administrative password in order to allow JSMS to run in the future.

Fill in the information and choose "Modify Settings"

This takes care of allowing the application to run.

Now we have to work through installing the java runtime.

Choose "Install"

Again, administrative permissions are required to install the java runtime.

Once the info is entered, click "Check." The download and installation starts.

When done, you click OK and the java runtime is fully installed.

And JSMS launches.

In the future, it can be started in the normal way, by double-clicking the JSMS.jar file.