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Part 5 Manual

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Please note, this is the text from the manual placed here for your convenience. The manual is also a work book and you will want to refer to it for other useful resources.


Now you're ready for Part Five: The Criterion Test, which is included for the purpose of evaluating whether you have acquired the ability to make online simultaneous measurement of the syllables, stutters and speech naturalness produced by a variety of speakers who stutter. This part of the training program contains nine 3-minute samples not presented before. The task is exactly the same as the one you just completed in Part Four, i.e., that you simultaneously count syllables and stutters and rate naturalness at one- minute intervals for each speaker while watching and listening to the speech samples. For the purpose of the Criterion Test, however, you will have only one opportunity to view and record the speech parameters of each speaker.

When you have passed the Criterion Test, you should be capable of using this manner of data collection conveniently and accurately to describe important dimensions of the speech patterns of people who stutter throughout the course of assessment, treatment, and follow-up. We hope that you and the clients you serve will benefit from your participation in this program.

What follows is a list of instructions explaining how to take the Criterion Test. Review them first, then return to #1 and begin.

  • 1. As always, set up the SMS, adding a new subject (Sample 56), setting the run time for 3 minutes (180 sec), and maintaining the other settings used for the last samples in Part Four.
  • 2. Listen to a bit of each sample before you begin recording data so that you are familiar with each speaker's speech pattern. Click on Sample 56, and begin.
  • 3. When you have reached the end of the first sample, turn to the Criterion Test data sheet in the workbook (at the end of these instructions). Record your data in the spaces beside each sample number, and compare your numbers to the acceptable ranges shown. When all of your data are within the acceptable ranges for a given sample, circle the sample number. Whether or not your data are within the acceptable ranges, proceed to the next sample. Continue in this fashion until you have successfully score three consecutive samples within the target ranges for syllable counts, SPM, stutter counts, %SS, and naturalness. Once you have met this criterion, you have completed the program!

The references that conclude this workbook provide readings regarding assessment issues and procedures that incorporate these measures and that will help you develop useful measurement procedures for your own clinical and research endeavors with persons who stutter. We hope you will read them and find them useful.