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The SMS Training Program

is designed to train judges to use the SMS software to measure stuttering in children and adults.

The training is to enable you to listen and watch a speaker who stutters and to be able to assess concurrently that person's speech rate, stuttering frequency, and speech naturalness.

You may use this website to download SMS software, the training manual, and to provide you with sample videos that have been evaluated by experts. Here's a listing of what you should do in order to prepare and initiate your use of the SMS Software. Read this first. All the ways and means to do these steps will be found below:

  1. Download the latest SMS software program.
  2. Download the SMS Training Manual. It is a pdf, so it could be printed or loaded into an e-book reader.
  3. Bookmark this page for a later return.
  4. Read Part 1 of the Training Manual to receive an orientation to the software.
  5. Start the SMS software and return to this website. At this point you are a returning trainee and will be working out of that section.
  6. Use the links to connect to the Samples for the Manual Part you are working through. As you work, you will have open both the SMS software and the web pages with sample videos.

In the course of this training it is hoped that you will acquire an appreciation of the value of these measures so that you will use them during your regular clinical activities with stuttering clients and/or in your research, whenever reliable and valid measures of speech behavior are required.

These three measures - speech rate, stuttering frequency, and speech naturalness - are well established in the literature and have stood the test of time as sensitive measures for describing important speaking behaviors of people who stutter, especially as those behaviors change over time or under different speaking conditions (Ingham, 1984). Although there may be additional aspects of a stuttering person's behavior in which you are interested, these three measures should be part of any data pool collected for a given client or research participant, when the goal is to describe relevant and fundamental aspects of the person's speech behavior (R. Ingham & Costello, 1986; J. Ingham & Riley, 1999).

Time to start:

It might be a good idea to bookmark this page right now so you may come back quickly as your training progresses.

To begin, download these files:

About Installing the SMS Application

There is no installer for the program. It does not install a short cut in the 'Start' menu.

We recommend the following steps to install:

  1. 1. On your desktop, make a folder called SMS.
  2. 2. For Windows XP and beyond, double click the SMS.zip file saved on your computer.
  3. 3. Drag the contents of the zip file into the SMS folder you just created.

SMS is run by double clicking SMS-08.exe (Depending on your system setup, you may only see SMS-08)

More Info For Experienced Windows Administrators

The Desktop location is suggested as a convenience, you may put it where you wish. As long as the program and the support files you were provided are kept in the same folder, the program will generally work. We have discovered an issue related to the increased security model of Vista and Windows 7. For more information, see below.

About Downloading the Training Manual.

Depending on your browser, clicking the link will either start the manual downloading or will show you the manual in a new window or tab.

If the latter happens, use 'Save As' to make a copy for local use.

The manual is 90 pages, if you are planning to print it.

About Training by Viewing Samples

Samples are embedded videos. Embedded videos are hosted via YouTube, which requires a plug-in for Flash from Adobe. Fortunately, this is available at no charge and will run in all the recommended browsers.

After you have installed the software and reviewed the early chapters of the training manual, come back to this site and consider yourself a returning trainee. You will want to begin by clicking the link to the Introduction Page.

If you are an academic who is using SMS for your course on stuttering then you will need the SMS Manual for Teachers. This manual contains the answers the CRITERION TEST (Part 5 see above). You should contact Dr. Roger Ingham at rjingham@speech.ucsb.edu, provide him with information sufficient to verify your credentials, and he will send you the SMS Manual for Teachers.

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Information for Returning Trainees (Click to Hide)

Click to Read More About Downloading Sample Videos, if, you are having troubles with smooth playback

Unfortunately, the speed of your connection to the internet may cause these embedded videos to stop and start, as your computer pauses to refill its buffer. If watching the video uses up more bytes of information than the network can replenish, it will have to freeze and wait until more bytes are downloaded. As the point of your training is to develop an ability to listen to a speaker, a video which stops and start is useless.

If you are having this problem, one possible remedy would be to get a wired connection for your computer, these are typically a lot faster than wireless. You might try on another day, or at a non-peak hour.

If none of these work satisfactorily, we have made provision for you to directly download the sample videos in H.264 format (mp4). This format is playable by RealPlayer, iTunes, or VLC. In addition, some browsers are able to play these videos with readily available plug-ins.

Should local download be required, please click this link Downloadable Videos and follow the instructions on that page.